Known as one of the best agricultural tour companies in Canada, we specialize in bringing you creative and interesting tour programs about every facet of the agricultural industry in Canada.

With a network of professional technical contacts across the country relating to any topic from artificial insemination to zucchini farm production - we cover the spectrum! Combining Canada's diverse agricultural resources, and it’s exciting travel destinations makes it one of the most interesting countries to visit in the World.

What unique agricultural visits are possible in each region of Canada?


British Columbia

With the Okanogan Valley being known as the Canadian Fruit Belt with its prosperous fruit orchards; British Columbia presents many possibilities for farming visits. The province is diverse in climate due to it’s proximity to the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific Ocean.

  • fruit orchards
  • potato farms
  • dairy / beef farms
  • hog farms (most hog farms don't allow visits due to possible infections).
  • bison ranch
  • horse farms
  • poultry / duck farms
  • horticulture
  • grape vineyards
  • grain farms
  • vegetable farms
  • herb / natural food farms
  • honey farms
  • ginseng farms


The Calgary Stampede with it’s Cowboys confirms that this is one of the best places to visit when it comes to agriculture! Not only is Alberta one of Canada's most beautiful and scenic provinces, it has several opportunities for technical visits.

  • horse / cattle ranches
  • buffalo farms
  • elk farms
  • dairy farms
  • beef farms
  • grain farms
  • Alberta wheat pool
  • hatrurite farms
  • breeders
  • seed farms
  • forestry / wildlife centres


Also one of the Prairie provinces, Saskatchewan, with it's flat land and rich soil is a primary location for large scale farm operations. Here are some suggestions for visits in this region.

  • wheat farms
  • beef farms
  • dairy farms
  • vegetable farms
  • grain farms
  • cash crop
  • artificial insemination
  • Canadian Western Agribition (late November, early December)
  • Western Canada Farm Progress Show (mid-June)

We could also arrange for meetings with the Ministry of Agriculture, Colleges, etc. Also, there are two major Agricultural shows in Regina.


Wheat is the main agricultural income in this region with the Manitoba Wheat Board, located in Winnipeg, being world-renowned. This is a must-visit province if planning an agricultural program to Canada.

  • agricultural research station
  • Mennonite farms
  • sheep farms
  • cattle farms
  • seed cleaning plants
  • honey bee farms
  • trout farming
  • tree planting
  • berry farms (strawberry)
  • machinery testing / old machinery museum
  • grain elevator


Ontario is famous for its Niagara region Wineries; but there are also a large variety of unique agriculture visit opportunities in this Area. We have listed some of our suggestions…

  • beef farms
  • dairy farms
  • horse farms
  • poultry / duck / turkey farms
  • berry farms - blueberry, strawberry, cranberry
  • fruit orchards
  • corn farms
  • vineyards / wineries
  • breweries / cideries
  • tobacco farms
  • research centres / experimental farms
  • farmers market (Mennonite)
  • mushroom farms
  • Royal Agricultural Winter Fair (early November)
  • Farm Equipment Show (February)


With Quebec's climate, one would never guess that this province is one of our richest in Canadian Agriculture. This area offers a wide array of agricultural related aspects from cattle farms to fruit orchards. The following is a list of what we can offer agricultural groups during their visit to Quebec.

  • dairy farms
  • beef farms
  • vineyards / fruit orchards
  • sugar shack (maple syrup farms)
  • cranberry farms
  • agriculture cooperatives
  • fish farms and spawning (fish plant)
  • cash crop farms
  • grain farms
  • poultry farms
  • artificial insemination centres

Meetings can also be arranged with the Ministry of Agriculture, Colleges, Research Centres, etc.

Atlantic Provinces - Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, P.E.I. and Newfoundland

Atlantic Canada has ‘made the most’ of their farming land. In Prince Edward Island (P.E.I.), the iron-rich red soil has produced Canada's most important potato-growing region. Together with New Brunswick, P.E.I. produces 90% of Canada's seed potatoes, and is responsible for most of Canada's potato exports. Nova Scotia's Annapolis Valley is famous for its fruit. While the Bay of Fundy's fertile marsh soils in Nova Scotia (N.S.) and New Brunswick (N.B.) have been farmed since the 1600's - longer than any other part of Canada. During a visit to the Atlantic Provinces, groups can visit the following:

  • fiddlehead farms (an Atlantic Canada delicacy)
  • dairy farms
  • fruit orchards
  • berry farms / blueberries, cranberries, strawberries etc.
  • potato farms
  • vegetable farms - tomato, corn, beans etc.
  • livestock
  • processing plants
  • tree nurseries
  • aqua farms – oysters and mussels
  • fisheries

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